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There is a burgeoning market in taking existing student accommodation – be it on campus or off – and breathing new life into them by reconfiguring the accommodation, adding cost saving products or technology or just decorating and refitting the scheme. This satisfies the customers need for better standard accommodation and makes your assets more valuable and able to be let for higher rents. We carry out audits of existing and proposed schemes and advise and execute recommendations to best enhance or leverage those assets accordingly. The process is simple and one we have employed a number of times (see completed portfolio).

  • Primary briefing meeting with Client to discuss:
  • Existing properties and approvals required
  • Investment objectives and cost parameters
  • Proposed specification/scope of refurbishment
  • Advise client on responsibilities under CDM
  • Programme relating to tenancy/void period
  • Stakeholders – operations/sales/neighbours/universities/tenants etc
  • Meet stakeholders to establish constraints/permissions required
  • Building Inspection:
  • Produce dilapidation/condition survey
  • Produce asset condition report with recommendations
  • Recommend and co-ordinate any required additional consultants (architect/structural engineer/acoustic/party wall/planning etc).
  • Scope out specification of refurbishment and/or reconfiguration of building layout
  • Produce build cost estimate and programme alongside a proposal for the works for Client approval
  • Recommend, appoint and administer necessary consultant team
  • Produce Employers Requirements consisting of specification, drawings, scope of works etc.
  • Produce tender documentation and in conjunction with Client, select prospective contractors
  • Issue tender enquiries
  • Produce tender comparisons, make recommendation and receive instruction on who to appoint
  • Agree contract price, terms and conditions
  • Administer contract ensuring compliance with investment objectives, through to completion. Certify PC.
  • Liaise with Ops team/Sales team/tenancies etc as necessary
  • Produce wash up report on project successes/learning’s