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Non Student Accomodation Projects

Although Student Accommodation is our speciality – it is by no means, all we do.

Previous experience, recent commissions and the sheer nature of student accommodation being attached to mixed-use schemes, mean that we are well versed to deliver projects in the following sectors:

  • Hotels
  • Private Residential Accommodation, including PRS
  • Retirement Living
  • Housing Association Residential Accommodation
  • Education
  • Leisure and Retail

This is reflected in the schemes listed in our project portfolio, for example 104 of the bedrooms in Camley St, London scheme are private residential rather than student. The disciplines we use are common to all sectors. Dense, brownfield, city centre developments present significant issues - we have proved time after time that we can de-risk them for our client and deliver.

We have also delivered mixed use developments that include retail outlets, a new cricket pavilion at the County Ground in Devon, and new stadium works for Exeter Football Club.