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Technical Advice and Advisory Role

Recently Campus Project Solutions have been engaged by clients to provide technical advice to facilitate portfolio acquisitions of operational student accommodation buildings. For example, 5 projects in London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln & Newcastle were purchased by GSA Group in 2016. Campus Project Solutions provided advice on areas where value could be added, where the existing specification and customer experience was not aligned to the clients preferred offering, and highlighted where improvements would enable the successful operation on the schemes.

Campus Project Solutions were employed by Hines UK to support their entry into the student accommodation sector. Advice was provided on the quality of existing student accommodation assets and where value could be added. A client monitoring role was undertaken to ensure purchased schemes, that were yet to be completed, remained on track and that the clients branding and specification were applied and delivered.

Campus Project Solutions have also supported clients entering new and emerging student accommodation markets, using our combined 50 years’ plus experience in the sector. We have worked on schemes in Germany, Japan, Ireland, Spain, China and Australia over the last 5 years, using our knowledge of best practice, and dovetailing this into different legislative and cultural environments to help develop purpose built student accommodation as an asset class.