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Cost Management

  • We offer expert knowledge and experience to support new or existing investors enter or consolidate their position in the student accommodation sector.
  • We act as the specialist in the course of any purchase, disposal, or direct development. Know your costs = realise your opportunity. We can also offer technical/cost advice or independent evaluations (investment monitoring) on potential acquisitions.
  • We pay critical attention to all facets of the product from the design, the mix, the specification to the build methodology. This will directly affect rental value and ease of operation/lifecycle costs, increasing that assets value.
  • We provide a passion and energy, allied to an encyclopaedic knowledge of build costs relating to student accommodation - this will ensure you will only pay the correct price for your building project. It will be the most economic rate you can pay, but will mean that - if the contractor operates efficiently - he will make his required margin and be there again next time, so that the team can repeat the good experience of creating the student’s home.
  • Once we have established the client brief – we will offer all the duties as listed in the services pages of this website. We will also:

    • Review all insurance/contractual arrangements for the team and advise the client accordingly.
    • Advise on tendering and contractual procurement options.
    • Administer entire tendering process. Gain Client approval and place contract at most advantageous commercial/logistical terms.
    • Collate all documentation (drawings/specification/prelims) into Employers Requirements and Form of Contract.
    • Visit the Site periodically and assess the progress of the Project for interim payment purposes.
    • Prepare recommendations for interim payments and ultimately release of retention funds to the Contractor.
    • Advise on the cost of variations prior to the issue of instructions under the Building Contract.
    • Agree the cost of instructions, excluding loss and expense claims, issued under the Building Contract.
    • Advise on the rights and obligations of the parties to the Building Contract.
    • Prepare the final account or similar financial statement. Facilitate agreement to the final account or similar financial statement from the parties to the Building Contract. For the purposes of this clause the final account or similar financial statement excludes the assessment of loss and expense claims.
    • Prepare recommendations for the payment of liquidated and ascertained damages.